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  • Received citation from Minister of Environment for development of new
    environment technology.
  • Declared Yoochang new CI.
  • Opened Dongbu Branch of Yoochang Co., Ltd.
  • Acquired certificate for environment-friendly materials
    (open-panel, canotile, YSP)


  • Established technical research center attached to Yoochang Plus Co., Ltd.
  • Established Yoochang Vina Limited Company.


  • Received presidential citation at Trade Day.
  • Received award for 10 Million Exportation Tower.
  • Housing project for Workforce Moduler at Guam, U.S.A.


  • works for application of non-contamination coating (Subway Route #9 Work)
  • Designated as technology innovative small and medium industry (INNO BIZ)
  • Newly constructed the 2nd factory (Hwaseong)
  • Newly established semi-conductor clean room


  • Selected as a company for parts materials technology development project.
    (Ministry of Industry & Resources)
  • Established Yoochang Const. Co., Ltd.
  • Established Precision Extrusion Technical Research Center attached to
    Yoochang Co., Ltd.
  • Technical research center attached to Yoochang participated in IMT-2000
  • Received award as an excellent firm for excellent construction
    (Korea Fire-rating Building Assoc.)


  • Established Yoochang Const. Co., Ltd.
  • Selected as an exemplary taxpayer
    (Award for Minister of Finance & Economics)
  • Completed development of TAC-BAr(Acquired N.T. Mark)
  • Acquired EM Mark
  • Participated in development of Steel House.
  • Established Technical Research Center attached to Yoochang Co., Ltd.
  • Established Yoochang Metals Co., Ltd.


  • Received award for technical development from KOSCA
    (development of module system)
  • Acquired KS, Korean Standard for the first time among Korean firms.
  • Transferred to Yoochang Corporation (Co., Ltd.)
  • Selected as excellent company by designation of Ministry of Industry &
  • Established the company (Yoochang Industry)