YSP U Type (A,B,C, D-type)

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YSP U Type (A,B,C, D-type)

YSP system is highly functional diaphragm system which maximized function of sound blocking, fire-resistance, insulation by joining color steel plate and gypsum board. By using color steel plate it is possible to express variety of colors and installation of windows and doors can be done simply. Also it is a system which can be installed or disassembled easily thus it is suitable to internal diaphragm and column cover and appropriate for GMP facility requiring cleanness in particular.

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General description of YSP U-Type A-Type

YSP T-type is a system whereby panel made by attaching gypsum board to color galvanized steel plate is assembled by top channel, skirting and finished joint by 120 mm steel or aluminium joint cover.

(1) Terms

  • YSP DRY WALL: Wall attached with YSP panel after installing light steel structure stud and runner

(2) Transportation and handling

  • ① Transportation: Record type, name, dimension, manufacturing date etc. on label and pack and transport.
  • ② Handling: Handle it according to instruction of the manufacturer and requirement of the user.

Product of YSP U-type A-type

(1) Standard material

  • ① Quality of material: galvanized color steel plate
  • ② Color: 4 types of standard colors

(2) Insulation, filler: gypsum board 12.5 mm, glass fiber higher than 24K

(3) Standard dimension

  • ① Thickness: 76 mm, 101 mm, 126 mm
  • ② Width: 900 mm
  • ③ Standard length: 2700 mm

Special feature of YSP U Type A-type

  • * Adjustment function is convenient by using adjust body.
  • * By virute of multiple panel sound blocking is excellent.
  • * Adaptation to site is excellent through carrying out work for panel by separation.
  • * Work can proceed by separation accordingly disassembly and transfer are convenient.
  • * Color lasts long by use of K.S. color metal plate

(1) Transportation, storage, handling, processing

  • ① Transportation
  • a. At the time of laying it on the floor move it after spreading pad.
  • b. Transport the product in standing up stance.
  • ② Storage
  • a. Always store it at dry and clean place always.
  • b. Always maintain level which watching out for breaking of corners.
  • c. At the time of laying it down on floor after laying pad on it.
  • d. Store box in erect position.
  • ③ Handling
  • a. Caution is required to avoid any shock or damage to the product.
  • b. Maintain clean condition free from any dirt or oily matter.
  • ④ Processing
  • At the time of cutting Ziebart use knife or metal saw. When it is not even then finish cut part by sanding.

(2) Site condition

  • ① Start work after finishing joiner's work and insertion of window panes.
  • ② Start work after finishing wall papering and painting inside the building.
  • ③ During works indoor heating (smoke, fume, dust etc.) is prohibited.